Digital Signage

So, what is Digital Signage?

What is "Digital Signage"?

Not a simple term, we dare admit honestly. Especially not when we want to introduce ourselves at a networking event (e.g., towards the end of the evening). Scoops is a "digital signage" solution. But what exactly is that? "Digital signage" is a way of sending information from one central point to a group of displays or to one display in particular. Through a user-friendly platform, everything is managed centrally, and a client can reach its target audience very quickly, in a targeted and dynamic way.

Alternative to print

"Digital signage" is often used as an alternative to printed media such as posters, A4 paper, printouts and Ad Valva's signs. Using photos and videos that appear on a display in a dynamic way ensures that one grabs and holds the attention of the target audience. Where printing is intensive, expensive and time-consuming, digital signage makes it possible to change the content on the screens with a few mouse clicks. Moreover, moving images say so much more than static images.

Reach your target audience faster

The content on the screens is controlled by time, location and target group, and varies by sector. Whereas in a corporate environment digital signage is used to communicate internal information, in retail outlets it is used to highlight actions and promotions. Since everything is controlled from one central point, a Scoops user can change his message in seconds.

Synonyms for "digital signage"

There are many synonyms in use for "digital signage": narrowcasting, targeted screen communication, display communication, digital out of hoom (DOOH), digital information boards and so on. We live in a culture where a lot of information is shared, "digital signage" helps organisations reach the right audience at the right time.